Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I realized that I am the only single individual at work. As I began to briefly ponder on my singleness, and that longing started to emerge, the Spirit immediately spoke the Father's words to me.
He said, "I am taking out of you that base desire to be with your other, that self-centered desire that cries out, "me! me! me!" that desire that only looks for self-gratification that instantly satisifies but never ratifies that inner-hunger. You don't truly want him, you want to plug-up that inner hole in your heart that allows drafts to come through and chill you to the bone.
By coming to Me, I am replacing that self-gratification with otherness, the ability to deny self, to pick up that cross and follow Me! I am replacing it with the desire to praise Me. When you allow Me in, I slowly disolve this carnal-self through loving you, caring for you, walking, talking, and sharing with you. I become your world, your everything. Than I will give him to you, because you will not look to each other, you will look to Me. Together, you will praise Me!

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