Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Christ feels as I feel. In my happiness or sadness, He feels as I feel. In my disappointment and pain, He feels as I feel.

And I am called to hope. I am called to hope in the day when I will see Him and walk with Him and discuss with Him (even though He knows) every tear and smile that led me to Him.

I am called to hope, because of Him. And I hope, knowing I may be disappointed. I hope because I am willing to accept that pain; knowing I wasn't created for it but because of sin I have to live through it.

Now that I know, I am willing to hope in friendships and relationships that may stay or go another way. I am willing to hope, because He hoped in His pursuit of the people around Him, that they would turn and follow Him; turn, listen and believe; turn and fall in-love with Love. And He was scarred with disappointment, but He still hoped, pursued and loved them.

So I hope, knowing that I hope with Him, knowing He will fulfill this hope.

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